Full-Blind-Zone-System für Wohnmobile

Side Scan System as Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Change Assistant - This system can save lives.

Have full control and, above all, a full overview of your vehicle. The system monitors whether other vehicles, cyclists or persons are next to your vehicle when turning or changing the lane, and shows you the danger of a flashing LED and a good warning sound. Change your viewing angle and effectively prevent such bad situations.

Dead angle or lane changing assistant for mobile homes
This full-blind zone system monitors the "dead angle" next to the vehicle and is used to prevent accidents during turning or lane change. The side scanning system recognizes cyclists, vehicles or persons who are next to the vehicle and signals them by means of an LED or warns additionally by an alarm sound if someone is in the danger area. The 4 side sensors monitor the area, which you as a driver over the mirrors can not or only to a limited view and helps you even if you "omit" someone.

Useable on both sides
The side monitors can be mounted on the passenger side as a turn-off aid for the recognition of persons, cyclists or vehicles in the "dead angle" or on the driver's side as a lane change assistant. This simplifies the lane change on motorways as vehicles are detected and reported directly next to the vehicle. This side-scan system not only provides protection from accidents, but also allows you to move your camper more easily through cities or busy streets.

Activation via blinker and brake circuit
The system is easy to retrofit with any vehicle. The sensors are activated via the blinker and the brake light or can also be permanently active. The Full-Blind Zone System has been specially developed for vehicles with a 12Volt vehicle battery. As an alternative, there is the same system as a "24V full-blind zone system" for truck-based mobile homes and a 24-volt battery.

Warning areas
The monitoring area can be adjusted to the alarm box by means of simple dip switches, depending on requirements and installation height so that the system can also be optimally installed for the dead angle (passenger side) or the lane change (driver's side). There are 3 warning areas, whereupon the warning LED and the alarm sound can be adjusted as required:

  • Area 1: 0cm - 50cm
  • Area 2: 50cm - 100cm
  • Area 3: 100cm - 200cm

Mounting as dead angle assistant - Passenger side
The 4 sensors are mounted on the passenger side. 1 sensor for monitoring the area directly in front of the vehicle, which is especially helpful at pedestrians. 3 additional sensors monitor the area of ​​the "dead angle" which is difficult or impossible to see through the side mirrors. The sensors detect whether or not you are right next to your vehicle. Cyclists or objects such as side limbs. The LED indicates potential hazards up to 2.0 meters away. If there is something in the main warning range (adjustable to 50cm or 100cm) this is also indicated by a warning tone.

Mounting as lane changing assistant - driver's side
The 4 sensors are mounted on the driver's side along the vehicle, whereby the rear sensors are, e.g. On multi-lane road ahead passengers or also vehicles at vehicle lift height and report by the LED or also additional alarm sound. This makes it easier to keep an overview on the busy streets or to see on the motorway, especially when there is a lot of traffic.

XXL area of detection + mounting of the sensors
4 sensors are used to monitor the dead angle. The sensors detect a range from 0cm to 200cm next to the vehicle and can distinguish up to 3 war zones and thus 3 warning levels. Depending on the design of the vehicle, the sensors can be mounted at different heights and at different distances from one another. The sensors can be inserted directly into the plastic skirt or the side wall or can be installed by means of additional mounting metal brackets.

The difference to other blind spot assistants
Many camera systems require your full attention, so in spite of the hectic traffic you always have to look at the screen and focus your full attention for a short moment from the road to the system, this millisecond can already be enough to get involved in a traffic accident. Our system takes care of this for you, you can concentrate fully on the road, as soon as a vehicle, a person or objects such as a side limiter are in the danger zone, you will be warned actively and above all directly by means of a flashing LED and a clearly audible signal tone. Our system works actively for you!

  • Dead angle or lane changing assistant
  • Full-Blind-Zone-System-12V 502900670
  • EAN: 4260431290067
  • Full-Blind-Zone-System-24V 502900810
  • EAN: 4260431290081
  • RRP: 549,00 €
  • Specially developed for mobile homes
  • Developed in Germany for the European specialist trade
  • Full control over the blind spot
  • Danger detection during turning or changing lanes
  • Does not require any additional attention, the system works actively for you
  • Warning by LED and warning sound
  • LED display + warning tone individually selectable
  • Warning sound also suitable for hearing aid wearers
  • Latest Ultrasonic Technology
  • No glare even in low sunlight
  • Detection range of the sensors adjustable
  • Sensors can be lacquered in car paint
  • Hidden installation of the LED + loudspeaker in the vehicle
  • Waterproof cabling of the sensors IP 67
  • Used for the passenger side (dead angle) or driver (lane change)
  • 4 sensors for XXL side detection area scan the vehicle side
  • Vehicles, cyclists or people as well as side borders are recognized
  • 3 safety zones as optimal warning zones at the dead angle
  • Activation optional by brake and blinker or continuous active