Full-Blind-Zone-System für Wohnmobile

CaraWarn Blind Spot Assistant + Alarm System SecureSleep DELUXE-6 as 5in1 System

  1. Blind Spot Assistant right
  2. Lane change assistant right
  3. Lane changing aid left
  4. Shunting aid for reverse driving or parking
  5. Alarm system "Secure-Sleep" at night

Dieses System gibt es auch als

CaraWarn Abbiegeassistent + Alarmanlage SecureSleep


mit Kamera und Monitor System.

  • Extra großes Sichtfeld durch 170° Seitenkamera
  • Sichtfeld 5Meter rechts und bis hinter das Fahrzeug
  • Hochwertige + robuste Seitenkamera im Metallgehäuse (Tag+Nacht-Sicht)
  • Monitor 7Zoll mit Entspiegelung + Sonnenblende + automatischer Dimmfunktion

Driving mode: Turning assistant

The CaraWarn Blind Spot Assistant and SecureSleep alarm system uses 4 sensors to monitor the area to the right of the vehicle, which is difficult or impossible for the driver to see through the side mirror or side windows. In addition, the left area next to the vehicle is monitored with 2 additional sensors. 6 special XXL ultrasonic sensors report cyclists, persons or objects in the danger area.

The CaraWarn Blind Spot Assistant and alarm system SecureSleep first warns by a flashing LED on the A-pillar (warning level 1 - 0-250cm) depending on the danger situation. In case of increased danger at close range, the system additionally warns with an alarm tone (warning level 2 - adjustable 50 cm / 100 cm).

  • Active system: Indicates active by LED + alarm tone
  • Activation by GPS, brake and indicators
  • XXXL detection range by 6 sensors right and left
  • Vehicles, cyclists or persons as well as side boundaries are detected
  • 3 safety zones as optimal warning zones in the blind spot angle


Night mode: alarm system for the motorhome and the occupants

The SecureSleep alarm system is unique in its function and has been specially developed for mobile homes and caravans to provide the best possible protection for their occupants BEFORE burglary occurs. Many systems only report an already successful burglary. This alarm system can actively prevent a break-in and thus not only protect the vehicle itself from damage, but also protect the occupants from an attack while sleeping. An alarm system for the interior is a sensible addition, but first of all burglary should be prevented in the best possible way, with which the vehicle, the valuables and above all the persons themselves are optimally protected.selbst optimal geschützt werden.

  • Protects against robberies
  • Already warns BEFORE of the burglary
  • Gives more safety at night
  • Tank protection against diesel theft
  • Protects against unnecessary damage to the motorhome
  • Works day and night with consistent reliability
  • Mounting possible with any construction method and any vehicle type
  • Maintenance-free and thus also cost-neutral in the long term
  • Cost-effective purchase and installation

    Article Characteristics

    • Blind spot warning + turn assistant + alarm system for motor homes
    • CaraWarn blind spot assistant + alarm system SecureSleep DELUXE-6 for mobile homes for retrofitting
    • Unique assistance system with right and left camper side monitoring
    • Turning assistant for motorhomes of all kinds - easy to retrofit
    • Blind spot turning assistant right and left with 6 XXL sensors
    • Developed in Germany for the European specialized trade
    • CaraWarn System is easy to retrofit on any vehicle
    • Full blind spot control
    • Danger detection when turning off or changing lanes
    • Warning by LED and warning tone
    • LED display + warning tone individually selectable
    • additional warning tone in close range (suitable for hearing aid wearers)
    • Hazard indication by LED on the right and left A-pillar (green, orange, red)
    • LED clearly perceptible day and night without dazzling effect
    • Latest ultrasonic technology
    • Detection range of sensors adjustable
    • Sensors can be painted in body colour
    • Hidden LED + loudspeaker installation in the vehicle
    • Waterproof wiring of the sensors IP 67
    • 6 sensors for XXL side detection area scan the vehicle sides
    • Vehicles, cyclists or persons as well as side boundaries are detected
    • 3 safety zones as optimal warning zones in the blind spot angle
    • Activation of warning zones by brake and indicators
    • Sensor system works day and night with constant reliability
    • Vehicle protection against damage/shunting damage - Amortization effect
    • LED-DELUXE display with distance indication per sensor
    • Avoid turning accidents and save lives by doing so